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COVID-19 and Uncertainty

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

In this time of uncertainty, anxiety and fear can get the best of us, causing us to feel overwhelmed and at times paralyzed. My own experience the past two weeks has prompted me to write my first blog post.

In addition to a private practice, I manage an eating disorder Outpatient treatment center. This has been difficult to navigate most recently, trying to stay positive, while lessening fears and anxiety of clients and staff. This was made more difficult by the constant input of peers and colleagues, with good intention and mixed messages from the media. Here I was, trying to hold all of this, while still providing treatment and care to all of my clients in our program.

By early this week, I was feeling exhausted and really struggling with cognitive dissonance. How could I provide support and be an effective leader if I was in such turmoil myself? By Tuesday night, I knew something had to change. I took some time to reflect not only on my own thoughts and actions, but those of my staff and my superiors. I was able to recognize that everyone was doing the best that they could, given the unprecedented territory we are all experiencing.

These moments of introspection and looking at each aspect of the situation, allowed me to let go of some of my own expectations. While things overall haven't changed in any dramatic way, I have changed. My attitude, my responses, my interactions with others are more kind and understanding, and this has made all the difference.

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