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Areas of Expertise

Eating Disorders

Are you struggling with your relationship with food? With your body? Are negative thoughts and core beliefs keeping you stuck? Together we can begin to unravel all of this, and begin the journey to recovery.

EMDR Therapy

Do you find yourself having reoccurring themes or stuck points in your life? Have you tried talk therapy around your traumatic events in your life and still struggle to move forward? EMDR therapy is a modality that is empirically researched to provide a way to move forward past these difficult memories.

I also incorporate the Flash Technique which is a tool that can help us navigate painful memories while staying focused on something positive. 

Additionally parts work is another tool that we can use together to learn more about who you are and the different parts or ways that you may show up in your life and in situations.


I use mindfulness in my practice, which includes visualizations and meditations to help with grounding and being more mindful. I am sharing a few of the mindfulness visualizations I utilize in therapy, often including bilateral stimulation alongside it.

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My Approach




I'm a humanistic therapist. What does that mean? I come from a place of not being the expert. I am client centered and that allows for us to work together collaboratively to set goals. I can provide insight and gentle guidance on this path together toward wellness.

I founded Elizabetherapy in an effort to provide therapy to those who are looking for something different as they work towards their goals. I can, with your input and direction, help you to move past those difficult times in your life, relationship, or family situation.

My Approach
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